Rumored First Video and Screenshots of Sonic Unleashed

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 A short while ago, news broke across the internet that Sega had just trademarked the name Sonic Unleashed, thus setting off a firestorm of rumors as to a “revival” of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, one that has fallen on hard times as of recent years. Fairly recently, a few screenshots, rumored to be from the upcoming Sonic Unleashed were leaked on the internet through various internet blogs. Now, a new video has surfaced (yes, still rumored) showcasing Sonic Unleashed gameplay. 

I must say, I’m impressed. It looks like Sega has actually learned from their previous mistakes with recent Sonic games and gone back to Sonic’s roots with some very exciting looking 2D gameplay with a few interspersed bits of 3D as well. In the end, it looks a bit like the Nintendo DS Sonic game, Sonic Rush, which was praised because it stuck primarily to what Sonic is known for, 2D platforming and ludicrous speedI’m excited to see where things go from here. Hopefully, Sega has thrown Sonic’s dopey friends to the wind and continues to focus on the Blue Streak himself doing what he does best, running as fast as he possibly can.  

UPDATE: Video Removed due to it no longer being up on YouTube

Screenshots to follow below (click to enlarge).

Sonic Unleashed Screen 1 Sonic Unleashed Screen 2 Sonic Unleashed 3

Sonic Unleashed 4 Sonic Unleashed 5 Sonic Unleashed 6

Sonic Unleashed 7 Sonic Unleashed 8 Sonic Unleashed 9

Sonic Unleashed 10 Sonic Unleashed 11 Sonic Unleashed 12

Sonic Unleashed 13 Sonic Unleashed 14 Sonic Unleashed 15

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