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Why Sony Fanboys Are the Worst of the Bunch

Before I get into this editorial/rant, let me set the record straight. I absolutely, positively do not hate Sony itself or the PlayStation brand. I do not blame Sony for the actions of the people who have chosen to stand behind them. I have nothing against the PlayStation brand and I honestly believe that Sony is doing great things with their stable of consoles and handhelds.

Their fanboys on the other hand? They are among the most illogical, irrational, arrogant and all around idiotic group of people I have ever come across. In the past five years of going to various forums and just being in tune with the internet in general as it relates to gaming, I’ve come across just about every type of fanboy you can think of. Microsoft fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, Apple fanboys, even Sega fanboys and none of them, without exception, can compare to Sony fanboys in terms of sheer annoyance.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that nothing is ever good enough for them. There have been many reported cases of Sony fanboys getting up in arms with various gaming websites and media outlets because the score they gave one of the exclusive titles on their platform was “too low”. Gametrailers was recently hit with allegations that the 9.3 score that they gave Uncharted 2 was far below what the game actually deserved in the eyes of many Sony fanboys. Seriously?

What these fanboys need to understand that they currently do not is that reviews and the scores attached to those reviews are entirely subjective. Yes, I understand full well that reviewers are supposed to approach games as objectively as possible but, at their core, reviews are inherently subjective constructs that will inevitably be influenced by the writer’s personal beliefs and values. Fun, value and quality in general are subjective concepts that are used to form the basis of what score a game will receive.

Now that I’ve established that, it’s important to realize that because reviews are inherently subjective, opinions on what score a particular game deserves will differ from person to person. Obviously, there is no one score that Uncharted 2 “deserves” above any other and what you believe it deserves is only in your opinion. You have to realize that, while you may believe a game deserves a 9.5 or a 10, your opinion is not meant to be universally accepted. The problem is Sony fanboys (and to a lesser extent, fanboys in general) don’t realize that. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with reviews; it is not fine to attack the reviewer or reviewers because of said disagreement. Not only are you committing a logical fallacy but you’re demonstrating remarkable immaturity.

Another problem they have is with the prospect of their beloved games going multiplatform. While there have been a number of games throughout the generation that Sony fanboys have been rather vocal about when it was announced that they would be making their way to the Xbox 360 (Devil May Cry 4, Tekken 6, etc.) , these all pale in comparison to one game and that game is, as you’ve likely guessed, Final Fantasy XIII. The very day the game was announced for the Xbox 360 at E3 2008, petitions sprang up across the net, created by bitter Final Fantasy fans who were positively enraged that the Xbox 360 would be receiving a port of the game.

I wish I was kidding.

The following is a direct, unedited quote from the most prolific of the petitions I found online.

“We, PS3 owners, are very angered at the fact that Microsoft stole one our most awaited exclusive. We are angered that the game Final Fantasy 13 goes multi-platform and immediatly demand to Square Enix that they change their decision and make the game an exclusive PS3 title.

There is no point for Final Fantasy 13 to be on the Xbox 360. Final Fantasy 13 should only be on the PS3. End of story!”

My reaction to these petitions

And trust me, it gets worse but I’m not going to print those here. If you want to see those petitions, here, let me Google that for you.

Now I could understand their frustrations if the game was cancelled on the PS3 and moved over to the Xbox 360 exclusively but throwing a tantrum because Square has decided to port the game to another console? That is utterly ridiculous. What’s worse is that this petition accrued thousands of signatures. Clearly, the creator of the petition was far from alone in his or her line of thinking.

But what could bring about these kinds of thoughts in regards to games that were previously exclusive being released for the Xbox 360 as well? Well, I have a theory about that. I’ve noticed a number of attributes that Sony fanboys typically possess over the years but the one thing that stands out above all others is their unreasonable sense of entitlement. They believe that every game on their platform, no matter which company may have developed it and published on their platform is theirs and theirs alone. They look down upon fans of other consoles for not possessing these games and when those fans do get the chance to play those games, Sony Fanboys can’t take it.

Their sense of entitlement also contributes to their constant contention with reviews that disagree with their preconceived notions about games that they haven’t even played yet and would thus be ill-equipped to give an honest opinion on the game in question in the first place. They believe that the games that they have been following so long (but haven’t played) deserve incredibly high scores purely because they exist on whatever PlayStation console they may be supporting at that particular moment.

I know that a number of you must be thinking at this point “Well, everything you said can be applied to any fanboy group right?” and to that I say, yes but not to the same degree it can be said about Sony fanboys. I am not saying that Nintendo fanboys and Microsoft fanboys aren’t equally illogical at different times but in terms of sheer volume, Sony fanboys have them all beat by a country mile. I’d wager that it can be largely attributed to the fact that, last generation, the PlayStation 2 was the most prolific console of them all by quite a large margin.

So, what prompted me to write this editorial/rant now and why have I been waiting so long to do so? Honestly, as much as Sony Fanboys have annoyed me, I’ve hardly viewed this being worthy of writing at length about. Over time, I’ve been watching Sony Fanboys and the evidence to support my claims has been mounting against them and this has turned into a case of the straw that broke the camel’s back. The final straw was a combination of seeing some fanboys complaining about GameSpot’s 9.0 review score for God of War III and this crap.

Now the God of War III thing? I’m willing to let that slide. Fanboys constantly get their panties in a bunch over review scores but seriously? Booing because you have the chance to win a Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 bundle (as opposed to a PS3 and a copy of the game)? For free? That’s utter nonsense and is emblematic of nearly everything I’ve said.

I wish I could say I’ve covered everything in this editorial but this is just the tip of the iceberg and believe me; it just gets worse from here. When Square announced that they cut “a full game’s worth of content” from Final Fantasy XIII, of course, Sony fanboys immediately blamed the Xbox 360 for this. I’ve even seen Sony fanboys say that their favorite franchises have been “dumbed down” across both systems for the sake of the “Xbox audience” when they were ported. What’s sad about this is that these things aren’t uncommon occurrences either.

To wrap this up, allow me to say that I have no problem with Sony fans. See the word I used there? Fans. Some people believe that there is no difference between a fan and a fanboy and that’s not true at all. A fan of something is logical, accepting of flaws in the things they enjoy and keep an open mind to opinions that they may not agree with but will nevertheless respect. A fanboy is incapable of these things. So, Sony fans should not be offended by anything I’ve said because, odds are, none of it applies to you. Unfortunately, if you are offended by this then you’re likely one of the fanboys I’ve been talking about.

I’m pretty sure that a number of Sony fanboys are going to see this and are understandably going to be frustrated. Well, if you think I’m wrong and have a dissenting opinion you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment. Although I have total dominion over this site and all comments that come in, I won’t reject a comment purely because I disagree with it. If you think I’m wrong and give me a good argument as to why you believe I’m wrong, I’ll probably approve the comment. If all you want to do is call me an idiot then you might as well not waste your time. But then again, maybe I will. If all you do is call me an idiot and leave, you’ll just be proving how right I am.

About Justin McBride

My name is Justin McBride and I’m a guy who enjoys writing, playing games and writing about playing games. Sound lame enough yet? Well, I have other interests as well such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, going to the movies from time to time, surfing the internet, listen to good music, drive at speeds I shouldn’t be driving at and so on. The problem is, that’s all stuff everyone likes to do, so why write about it? Oh wait, seems I just did. Oops.

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  • I own 2 PS3

    I do think that the writer of this blog is only out for reactions more then really making a fundamental statement here.
    Because the fanboy extremist a.k.a. sony fanboys he so well defined (extremist, well that’s what the author suggested), labelled (ill-logical, irrational and arrogant) and categorized (all around idiotic group of people) are wrong in there doing.

    Are you a gamer? Do you have any of the 3 “main” consoles? Are you a communist or a democratic?

    I will answer these questions for you since you had an answer for the fanboys on their way of interacting online/ offline.

    A gamer, me?! No I am not gamer. I have this blog to write nonsense so I can get some counts/ hits. Next article I am going to write is about Osama Bin Laden being a nice person. Or I might go for Obama is the worst president ever.

    [Here I am thinking for your next answer that you actually want to own a PS3 but you and your stupid, idiotic, nerdy blog friends have the other console.] I own a XBOX-360 but I had to send it away for repair because of RROD. I concealed my console preference so it doesn’t seem that I am x-boy fan and really want to have a PS3 to play all those nice a cool games (read exclusives) it has.

    A communist of course!! In this blog of my I will determine what is good. I will delete any reaction that contradicts my will and rules I set in my blog. No way that you sony fanboys can walk in my domain with out being punished about. I hate sony fanboys. They must be hung in the highest tree!! I want and will get many hit on my blog.

    To close of my comment I want to say that your blog about the PS3 fanboys only scratch the obvious, but that’s only your purpose scratching for reaction. If a 1.000.000 PS3 fans think highly of there console, what does your solely poorly written comment affect? After a while this blog will be dust! And the PS3 fans will remain the same.

  • Az

    I’d like to stress the point that Nintendo fans WERE pissed when FF7 made the jump to the Playstation. However, they were also silenced when they saw what the Playstation could do over the N64. The Final Fantasy franchise had outgrown the Nintendo at that point, and it was time for it to move on.

    Unfortunately this time around that isn’t the case. It has already been admitted that things were removed and the details were reduced on both versions to ensure the game would run on the 360. So instead of the Final Fantasy series once again moving to a more superior system, it did the opposite. Now I’ve already stated this on a previous post, but I am a PC gamer first and foremost. My 3 consoles and 2 handhelds are secondary to my PC gaming. That being said, I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, and ever since they started making changes in order to bring FFXIII to the 360 I’ve been more and more disappointed. And really it all stems from Microsoft wanting to cut a few corners and make sure they had a cheaper console by NOT including a high capacity disc drive. And now they make themselves ever bigger asses by adamantly refusing to make an add-on drive so that developers aren’t forced to be saddled with the limitations of DVD9.

  • Little slow on the hits this month then. Flamebait articles like this one fishing for hits are destroying internet gaming communities. Want to be an arrogant scrotum do it somewhere gamers don’t have to read. Sony fanboys are pretty much the same as other fanboys. Irrational fools like yourself who imagine people give a flying **** what they have to say. Want to talk about gaming? Great! Want to talk about irrelevent BS to satisfy your hard on for hits go spam some forums or youtube videos.

  • Regari

    I’d like to hope the booing of the 360 version of FFXIII was in large parts to mob mentality and general humor but that’s probably assuming to much of some people.
    I don’t see a lot of reasons I’d personally care to buy a 360 (Being most ‘exclusives’ I care for are on PC to =D ) but a free one where I already can’t afford to buy FFXIII? Please.

    Did FFXI get the same reaction as FFXIII for being on xBox and PC? Because it’s not really different…

    Nice article, thanks for the distinction between Fans and Fanboys, lesser articles would leave out a seemingly trivial reminder of who they really have a problem with.

  • Logic Man

    The funny thing is, I can’t find any source on the web that they ever made that statement. Care to back it up? Without any proof that entire argument falls apart.

  • Wow. This exploded way quick.

  • MindofShame

    I remember this guy from Gamespot, he was just another forum member who always seemed to favor the 360 over the PS3 in most arguments.

    What he is saying here is his opinion, and that’s great… however, people shouldnt be taking this stuff seriously just because he has a domain name.

    This blog is something you’d find on any given game forum on the internet… having a domain name and a blog does not make you official.

  • As a PS3 gamer i totally agree with this article. Sony fanboys are the worst, no doubt about it. If i had more money, i’d buy another console, a fanboy would rather jump in front of a bus.

    There’s more then 7 billion people on this planet, no wonder a couple of million are plain retards.

  • Do I have to write “in my opinion” before everything that I write?

    A quality judgment (IE “worst”) is inherently subjective. Therefore, the title of this article (and everything inside) is meant to be taken as my opinion. This is an editorial, which obviously means it’s an opinion piece. My opinion is just that, my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  • T-Money

    This is a tottaly true, but totally unneccesary article. It’s like saying one pile of poop is smellier than the other pile of poop – true or not, its all poop.

  • Bob

    PS3 is the only console I own at the moment. I’m a sony fan, according to your logic. I don’t share the same fundamentalist attitudes, if you will, as those fanboys mentioned in your article. More importantly, I’m a consumer, like anyone else, and as such, I have the right to complain about things that affect my purchase. What I’m trying to say is, try not to mistake a sony fan for a sony fanboy.

  • Trust me, I have no personal dislike for Sony fans in general. I even mentioned that there is a big difference between fans and fanboys in my article so my comments in regards to Sony fanboys were not directed at people such as yourself.

  • Hans

    In the end Ps3 fanboys were right to be angry about FF13 because it is the worst in the history of FF…at least in terms of content. Wierd because you cant get around the thoughts that it would be more if they hadnt portet the game to 360

  • SkittlesMcGee

    Bingo. Nothing wrong with being a fan, because this article most certainly is not directed at you. Hell, I’m a Sony fan. Fanboy? Of course not. But I am a fan. If I took no offense to this then a fan (not fanboy) shouldn’t either 😛

  • mr. man

    I didn’t go through the whole article, but I know what you’re saying. I personally own a ps3 and really like it, but every time i go onto a forum about an xbox exclusive, there is almost always some ps3 fanboy saying that xbox sucks cuz they can’t get over the fact that xbox actually has good games. On the other hand i often see xbox fans on ps3 exclusive games, but they say that the game looks good and wished they had a ps3 or something like that, but there are obviously many exceptions.

  • MaxwellSmart

    May I just ask how old you are?

  • Why yes. I am 22 years old at the moment.

  • Steve123

    Are you KIDDING me? The Xbox community is absolutely FRAUGHT with PS3 haters! I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360, and am a FAN (not fanboy) of both. But Xboxers are violently prejudiced when it comes to the PS3… just look at ANY PS3 website.

    I think your opinion is biased. I agree that fanboys in general are ignorant gamers, but you can’t slate one group over the other on the ‘lameness’ scale. As Charlie Sierra Oscar said, PS3 > Xbox, Xbox > PS3.

  • Darren

    It’s interesting to see that most comments on this post favour Xbox. Selective administrative editing, perhaps?

    (by the way, I own a 360, before you jump to the conclusion I’m one of these said PS3 fanboys…)

  • Bryan

    It has to be said, PS3 gamers do have a tendency to dislike Xbox owners. Why can’t we all just get along? 🙂

  • BOBsagetsLILcousin

    Sony Fanboys have seriously been getting better over the years. I think it was just when the big “WAR” was going on PS3 owners were bitter because they paid more money for a system that had less games, and the games they did have kinda sucked. So they hated on the Xbox and Nintendo to kinda justify the purchase. But now that the PS3 has more quality exclusive titles, and a very promising future ahead, they’ve mellowed out. With that I think it balanced everything out to put all the differnt fanboys on the same retarted level.

  • Smithers560

    Great article, and very true. I got a PS3 recently to go with my Xbox, so I’ve been checking out reviews for some of the exclusive titles. The comment threads are always 10X worse than the Xbox review comment threads, and there are very Xbox fanboys in them (unlike Xbox review threads which are always crawling with PS3 fanboys).

    I got Little Big PLanet, it’s a great game. I searched Xbox… there’s about 100 levels, maybe more – some veru highly rated – that are about hating Xbox. The language and level of emotion is actually quite disturbing, quite scary.

    All fanboys are bad, no doubt, but PS3 fanboys are by far the worst. Unfotunately, they will take thia article as another attack on the PS3. *Sigh* On it goes…

    All fanboys are bad.

  • Vittorio

    If I had 250 million dollars, I’d give 1 million to each person who would behead,maime,mutilate,burn, disfigure and then mercilessly murder a PS3 fanboy.

    The only good PS3 fanboy is a dead PS3 fanboy, and having 250 of them 6 feet under would be doing the world a wonderful favor.

  • Roach

    Hey at least he didn’t mention the inFAMOUS vs. PROTOTYPE flamewar the ps3 owners started, right?

  • Stevo

    lol at comments. Lots of sensitive PS3 fans.

  • Lunias

    I’m not a fanboy of Nintendo or Sony, but I have indeed been branded a Microsoft-hater. Just throwing that out there.
    I like that you were specific in defining a Sony fanboy. On another post, I stated that the addition of a second analog stick to the NGP appealed to fans, and a Nintendo fanGIRL flamed me, saying I was a Sony fanboy, when I actually own both Sony and Nintendo systems.
    I think the difference between a fanboy and a fan is that a fan can give a rational explanation of why a series shouldn’t be ported without intentionally insulting another console. I mean, could you ever possibly see Mario on a PS3, Master Chief on a DS, or even think about Pokemon being released for any system other than Nintendo? It’s not that the systems don’t deserve it, but it just seems strange to blur the lines between consoles, and I think that this is the reasoning behind many fanboy’s hatred. Fanboys just have a harder time trying to express that.

  • joe

    final fantasy xiii if im not mistaken uses 2 or 3 dvds while on the ps3 only uses 1 blu ray.does this statement make me a sony fanboy,well it doesnt coz what i said is true,that is fact,only xbox fanboys would say the differ.

  • EC Kid

    Honestly I don’t think it matters what console you have, the economy is down in a lot of places and almost all big budget titles are going to be multi-platform releases. I am a 360 fan only because I have bad luck with every Playstation and PSP I have owned and have had even more trouble trying to get Sony to fix it. And I think there are a good many stupid xbox fanboys but i have never personally meet one that put down the PS3 for anything other than its price, while on the other hand it seems like every PS3 fan I have meet would rather spit on me than talk to me after i mention that i own a 360. I have no problem with PS3 however and think it is a great system but don’t see the point in spending my hard earned money on another console just to play a few games…and like I said before game companies want to make money and when the economy is low they are going to start releasing more and more games on multiple systems…which is fine with me because i don’t care if you can play Halo on PS3 as long as I can play God of War on my 360

  • Chris

    Great article game21x. Very much agree, it’s just a shame I can’t tell the PS3 fanboys on gamespot where to stick it 😛

  • miles099

    I couldn’t agree with your article any more than I can.
    Like you, I’ve come across many Sony Fanboys of my 13 years. Now that the Wii U has–in fact, I won’t bring that subject up.
    All I’m saying is that the Sony Fanboys DO think that their console is superior. That THEY should have the most console-exclusive games. That SONY is the best company and the worst (presumably–by Sony and Microsoft Fanboys–, Nintendo, which is the company I favor) should be stomped down to rubble.
    In reality, however, I find their comments and such to be quite rude and horrible. Microsoft Fanboys, on same hand, are similar, but in that they can accept other consoles…even Nintendo.

    Nintendo Fanboys (yes, including me) are a the least rude of the bunch (okay, so maybe we’re half a step up from Microsoft Fanboys), yet at the same time, it all depends and the person rooting for Nintendo.

    Especially with the Wii U, Sony Fanboys are trying harder than ever to fabricate the PS Vita is superior compared to the Wii U (not saying it isn’t, nor it is–I’ve been trying my hardest not to be biased).

    To end this comment (well, it’s really a report), I do have to say that Sony Fanboys are the worst–like you stated–Microsoft Fanboys sandwiched in the middle, and Nintendo Fanboys are the better of the two Fanboy types (Do bear in mind that this is MY opinion; your opinion maybe the exact opposite of mine).

  • Douglas

    I agree 100% with this rant. I’m a PS3 owner and I like it but Sony fanboys are by FAR the worse group of fanboys out there. The fanboys almost make me ashamed to be a PS3 owner. Anyway, this was a well written article.

    Some of these comments are crazy. A lot of these people should of actually read the rant. Just because the blogger hates/dislikes PS3 fanboys doesn’t mean that he hates the PS3 itself. And how does this rant make the blogger a 360 fanboy? That makes no sense.

    Like someone said above, a lot of sensitive PS3 fans. Which adds to the annoyance. The most amusing comments were the one(s) that tried to flip the coin and make this a 360 fanboy rant. (Not saying that 360 fanboys aren’t annoying either, but c’mon now.)

  • disqus_nO2s90l5Av

    Just passed by this and wanted to say a few things.

    You clearly are very single minded if you think this way. You must have met every single consumer out there and made the presumption that the Sony ones are the most “insert insult” gamers that exist.

    “I am not saying that Nintendo fanboys and Microsoft fanboys aren’t
    equally illogical at different times but in terms of sheer volume, Sony
    fanboys have them all beat by a country mile.” – Quote? Links? Sources? Numbers to prove that?

    Next-to-last paragraph is just obnoxious and so contradicting; you state that fans are open minded, yet all I see in this thread is bashing the other side of the grass and you still wait that people will read this neutrally and accept such statements without scratching their heads.

    On a final note, anyone with 2 eyes that read this will only reach 1 conclusion: Sony “fanboys” are the worst and Xbox “fanboys” are petit angels that can’t be blamed of anything (in theory they almost don’t exist as you demonstrate).

  • Tyler Smith

    I agree completely with this article. I can’t go read comments about any other gaming system without a sony fanboy there to say something off the wall and totally irrational. Just look at our friend here who left the only comment. This article had nothing to do with the xbox, but he somehow came to the conclusion that you think xbox fanboys are angels. Where does this thinking come from? Why is it a necessity to put down other game consoles?Just stay within the warm embrace of your playstation and don’t worry about what’s happening on all the others. Carry on.

  • TheGame21x

    I wrote an opinion piece on the admittedly anecdotal experiences I’ve had with the various fanboy factions videogames seem to attract. I even admitted as such when I said “I have ever come across”. As in my experience. Me.

    Feel free to disagree with me, as you already have but this is my opinion. That’s what this is. An article I wrote based on my opinion, not a fully researched and factually supported dissertation on the various fanboy groups.

    And I like how you’ve just assumed that I think Xbox fanboys are angels or don’t exist as you say despite the fact that I said explicitly that Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys can be equally illogical. Why am I not backing this claim up? Because this article isn’t about them. It’s about Sony fanboys.

    So there you have it. I’ve provided more than enough evidence to prove my point. If you disagree, fine. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it as I’ve gotten plenty of hate responses to this post in the past (before I switched my comment system to Disqus) and one more dissenting opinion isn’t going to matter much.

  • TheGame21x

    It’s funny you should say that as these days, i can’t seem to go to one article about the Xbox One without someone talking about how much better the PS4 is going to be and how the Xbox One sucks.

    The sheer magnitude of hatred for the Xbox I see from Sony fanboys is not something I see from the other side, or from other system’s camps, like Nintendo or even the PC.

  • hhjh

    Same with when i go to a PS4 article.

  • John Taranto

    Just saw a kid destroy a ps4 after waiting hours and spending four hundred dollars, I’m assuming with his moms money due to his age, if I see ps4 fanboys do this as well I might agree with this article but from what my experience is I’ve seen more biased illogical microsoft fanboys.

  • Dakan45

    They are the worst ever

  • Jake Frost

    Nintendo’s fanboys are the worst.

    Every fanboys sucks anyway.


    FUN FACT!!! Most Nintendo fanboys are vocal once they get bashed by other fanboys. Like you said, ALL fanboys are freaken pathetic but based on my personal experience in several comment sections for several gaming articles and gaming videos: Sony fanboys are the attackers, Nintendo fanboys are the defenders, and Microsoft fanboys appear to be the most silent of the bunch (although like all fanboys… when you see one it’s really annoying).

    I got nothing to prove what I said other than it being from my own personal experience. Multi-console gaming is where it’s at! 😉

  • Jake Frost

    In France this is the opposite. That’s why i said that every Fanboys sucks.

  • Richie

    The amount of flaming and bashing towards the Xbox One is absolutely ridiculous and unfounded. Yeah, the launch was stupid, but Microsoft has since taken steps to fixing it. The Xbox One is an excellent console that outputs excellent picture quality, just like the PlayStation 4. Why does there have to be a war? It’s not necessary, because it isn’t anyone’s decision what I should buy. It’s my decision and my decision only, and if I buy an Xbox One, great! If I buy a PlayStation 4, also great! If I buy them both, super! It doesn’t matter to anyone if I buy a console that competes with someone else’s console, it doesn’t affect anyone besides me. Why do they make it out like it does matter? It really doesn’t!

    But then they’ll bring up the “red ring of death”. My God, that’s a thing of the past. It’s old news! Even still, Microsoft fixed that problem with the Xbox 360 S. Then they’ll bring up the PlayStation 4’s higher resolution (which doesn’t matter in console gaming, for the record). Again, who cares? The graphics on both systems are excellent, and two equally optimized games on each console would look just as appealing as the other. If you don’t like the Xbox, don’t buy it, and let that be the end of the story! All fanboys make the gaming community look like immature nerds with no lives and no skills besides playing games. Why can’t we just play our games and get along? You can’t go to an article for anything without the fanboys of the competition coming over to throw crap everywhere for the sole purpose of raising hell.

    But what’s worse is when fanboys insult users or fans of the competition. No one has the right to make judgement of another person because they bought *gasp* the competition’s product! In some cases, it goes to extremes where fanboys actually threaten the well-being and lives of the fans or userbase. That is incredibly childish, immature, very rash, and frankly, it’s against the law. Threatening to kill someone over something so simple as someone making a simple, founded criticism of their favourite thing? That could be cause enough for arrest and imprisonment. And people who do make threats should rightly be sent to prison.

    My least favourite groups of fanboys are Apple fanboys and PlayStation fanboys, just because they make the most noise and the biggest stink about it. Fanboys throwing hatred towards the competition and their fans say more about themselves than they do about the competition. I know, it’s really cliché, but it couldn’t be more true.

  • Colin Tosh

    Even to this day Sony fanboys are the worst because they do what you highlighted with the reviews. The sheer praise they give a corporation is ridiculous. Every time somebody criticises Sony they bring up what Microsoft did. OK fanboys tell me with a straight face. Sony never ever ever were even thinking about blocking used games on PS4. They were never going to bundle the camera in the system but told retailers that they were doing to lure Microsoft into doing it.

    They praise PS4 and it’s immense success but it’s “success” is based entirely on a pack of lies. They sold because they lied. Also Sony abandoned Vita at the first sign of trouble whereas Microsoft and Nintendo at least carried on for XBOne and Wii U. But lets forget that because PS4 is dominating again.

    They were hyping Vita on it’s promising technology and the potential it had was never shown because Sony bailed. Yoshida swore they wouldn’t leave Vita and Guy Longsworth even promised every single studio they owned would make at least one game for it.

    If they think the lies they have told aren’t being noticed they are in for a rude awakening. If Sony do make a new handheld to combat Switch people aren’t going to buy it unless they keep making games for it next time.