HiFiMan RE-ZERO Review


First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to Fang at Head-Direct for sending me a sample of the RE-ZERO IEMs for review.

If you’ve been keeping up with Musical Musings, you’re probably well aware of my current love affair with the HiFiMan RE0 IEMs. They are the current crown jewel in my IEM/headphone collection and hardly a day goes by in which I don’t pop them into my ears for a listen. With that in mind, when the HiFiMan RE-ZERO (yes, that is their name) IEMs were announced this year prior to the 2010 CanJam Head-Fi event that was held in early June in Chicago, I was understandably excited about them. Envisioned as a 1000-unit limited edition to commemorate the three year anniversary of the RE line of IEMs, the RE-ZEROs immediately piqued my interest. Featuring a much lower 16 Ohm impedance, and a silver coil for “more real bass”, these were intended to be used portably, straight out of a DAP or other source without the need for an amp.

Over the past week or so, I’ve been listening to the RE-ZEROs almost exclusively and for a great deal of time in each session. I say “almost exclusively” because I’ve also been comparing them to the RE0s, HiFiMan’s other inexpensive heavyweight. So, do the HiFiMan RE-ZERO IEMs offer Hi-Fi sound quality at Mid-Fi prices like the RE0s and are they worth the $20 price increase over their predecessors? Read on to find out.

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