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Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer Demo Footage

I’ve been playing a bit of the Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo and decided to record a few short clips of myself playing it using FRAPS. I uploaded these clips to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I’ll have my full impressions of the demo posted sometime in the near future. But for now, enjoy!

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My name is Justin McBride and I’m a guy who enjoys writing, playing games and writing about playing games. Sound lame enough yet? Well, I have other interests as well such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, going to the movies from time to time, surfing the internet, listen to good music, drive at speeds I shouldn’t be driving at and so on. The problem is, that’s all stuff everyone likes to do, so why write about it? Oh wait, seems I just did. Oops.

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  • Imma Niga

    Looks like you are new to the FPS genre? I would think you would be better than that considering you have no life. With a name like Captain Cosmo, I am honestly disappointed in your lack of “game”. 🙂

  • Nicolas Cage

    Eww Crysis on a gamepad? is this real life?

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  • Hello ,
    Great) Game , I liked in this Game

    Good Luck !