Spider Realvoice Updated Impressions

The day after my review of Spidercable’s Realvoice IEMs was posted, in which I expressed my disappointment with the Realvoice IEMs for failing in less than two weeks of use, I was contacted by Spidercable’s customer service in regards to my defective pair saying that they have isolated the cause of the problem and have fixed it. A few days later, I received a new pair of earphones and I am happy to report that they have worked perfectly in my tests leading me to believe that the Realvoice IEMs are better built than I previously reported. I will note that the silkscreen printing of the company logos on the IEM shells had a tendency to rub off pretty easily. Not a major issue (not really an issue at all) but I thought it was worth noting.

In terms of sound, without having the original pair with me to compare them to, I can’t say whether or not the sound quality has changed since the first sample so my impressions on sound quality from the first review still stands. I would still give the win to the RE0 in terms of pure fidelity and detail but I can’t see why anyone would want to choose between the Realvoice and the RE0 because their sound signatures are tailored for completely different sets of listeners. Both earphones are a great value and I greatly enjoy listening to both of them for different reasons.

So, my earlier complaints regarding the build quality were perhaps a bit unfounded. Of course, I can’t speak for long term durability but in the short term, the production Realvoice I have received has outlasted my sample and I’m very pleased with that since I do enjoy their sound signature quite a bit and I can finally give them my recommendation.

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