Really, Best Buy? THIS Was Necessary?

So, I got a package from Best Buy today and I was shocked to see a rather large box waiting for me on my doorstep, especially since I knew what was in it wasn’t anywhere near big enough to justify it. So I got to thinking, was this big cardboard box and all the plastic filler really necessary? See what I got after the break.

Yeah, that’s it. A copy of Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii which I ordered for $5 plus free shipping. Makes the big box and copious amount of plastic padding (which is deliciously ironically named EarthAware) seem rather unnecessary and wasteful, doesn’t it? I mean, would a standard bubble mailer have been too hard? Now I have to worry about recycling this extra crap…great.

Nothing more to report, just thought this was rather silly. But, before I depart, have another shot of my newly purchased game. I guess I can write something on it soon, after I give it a whirl (probably some time this weekend). Oh yeah, and I have a new site I’m working on with a few internet buddies. Check it out over here at

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