Rocking the iPhone Naked

Ever since the first day I got my iPhone, I’ve wanted to keep it protected. Of course, that meant getting it a nice shell for it to reside in. And I did. The Acase Superleggera two piece silicone and polycarbonate case has been great during its six month or so run in keeping my iPhone protected and free from damage. It’s an excellent case that I’d recommend to anyone who’s in the market for an iPhone case and doesn’t plan on using it with a dock.

Now, I want to live a little dangerously. Time to start living life on the edge, as they say.

But after all this time, I want to see what iPhone ownership and usage is like without a case protecting its outer casing. It’s certainly a pretty little gadget fully naked, nice and slim, solid in the hand, if a little slippery, but I expect as much from Apple. My main concern, however, is for the iPhone’s durability. While the phone is certainly solid, the glass and metal band wrapping around the perimeter of the phone doesn’t inspire confidence in terms of knock-around durability and if you haven’t seen the results accidental drops can have on the iPhone, take a look.

Not so pretty, is it? Well, unless you like the intricate spidering of the iPhone glass.


I usually treat my expensive electronics, especially those with nice, glass screens, with kid gloves. I’m always very careful not to damage them (keeping them in a separate pocket from my keys, headphones and change) but as we all know, accidents happen. I think I’ve dropped my iPhone twice since I bought it and both times were onto concrete. Once the phone just slipped out of my hand and the second time it was on my lap as I got out of the car. But my iPhone survived the drops with nary a scratch anywhere, thanks, I’d imagine, to the case.

Now, that I’m going to be carrying my phone around without a case to protect it from accidents, I’m going to have to be extra careful. On the plus side, now I can use it with my speaker dock and Fiio E1 headphone amp again. I guess I’ll have to wait until I’ve had a chance to carry it around for a few weeks or so to see how good (or bad) of a decision this was.

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