• Rico

    Wow, some no name piss ant “reviewer” doesn’t like Killzone 2 because he is too big of a pussy to handle it. It’s funny that when someone SUCKS at playing a game, it’s always the games fault. I’ve heard this same dumb ass excuse on other games too. It’s always by some little pussy that couldn’t do as well as the grownups playing, or for that matter the 10 year olds either. Killzone 2 multiplayer is one hell of an experience to play, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun for those of us that actually have balls. I say fuck you & your so called review too. Oh, I think I hear yo Momma calling dipshit.

  • http://www.themindofgame.com Justin McBride

    Wow, you sound mad. Are you mad? Mad that I didn’t like this piece of shit game?

    I couldn’t care less if some prick on the internet doesn’t like my reviews. And I love the common “Oh, he doesn’t like this game I like, that must mean he sucked at it” excuse all you clowns use. Nope, no one’s allowed to dislike a game simply because it’s a shitty game, no, he obviously couldn’t handle it.

    And wow, you used a “yo momma” joke. How the fuck old are you, twelve? Get back to the basement, junior.

  • http://ugebbdtq@sharklasers.com Killzone 2 Sucks

    Just played through this myself for the first time. I replayed Killzone and only years later realized how mediocre to bad of a game it was. When I first played I wasn’t impressed, but I had forgotten just how awful the story and characters were. Oh my GOD, unbelievable. Even playing this by myself, I was embarrassed by what I had witnessed.

    I agree with you nearly 100% on all of your points, I think you really nailed just how awful the controls were. The camera flies all over the place yet you have such a narrow field of vision. It happens whenever you take any action. No matter what you input there’s also a small delay both before and after you move. Combined with bullet sponge enemies and dual shock 3 not being the best controller for FPS, it’s agonizing just playing this. Do I play as Sev or Michael J Fox? Do I even fucking care?

    Besides the lightning gun and one or two others, every gun is the same. None of them have a feel to them, they’re so generic. It was more rewarding to run past enemies than shoot them (and faster, and more challenging lol).

    I guess the game can really be summed up by this though: infinite respawns. There are only a couple of areas that have this, but it is the icing on the cake of this cake made of shit. And it isn’t even the “defend this point for X time” infinite respawns. It’s the “slowly inch up while killing the same 5 enemies that keep spawning” except that there are few places that actually have cover that works – everywhere else you can sit behind that chest level wall, but the helgast won’t have any problem hitting you. Cool, a crappy broken cover system in a cover based shooter? Amazing job.

    No wonder Colonel Radec killed himself, if I was associated with this game I would too.

  • Fuck that fucking fuck Rico

    I finally came back to beat this game after several years because I don’t like to leave any games that I pay money for unfinished. Thankfully, I was already on the last level, but holy shit I fucking hate Rico. Even his Giantbomb page says that he is universally hated by fans. He represents the worst of humanity. I agree with your review in its entirety, even if it had its fun moments (mostly when you spray into an enemy at close range when the game’s goryness comes into beautiful high definition). Otherwise, the shooting in this game is no fun since aiming is sluggish (yes I know this was a deliberate style choice, but it is a constant obstacle) and enemies are indeed bullet sponges.

  • splitchin

    I wouldn’t force my worst enemy to play Killzone: Shadow Fall. It sure is pretty to look at, but my god, the gameplay, story, and characters are terrible. It is the last Killzone game I will ever play, and it made me seriously question why I bought a PS4.

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