Now What?

Well, Christopher Dorner’s body was positively identified just a while ago. I don’t know how to feel about this.

On one hand, this is a man who is suspected of killing three people and definitely killed a fourth during his shootout with the cops, as part of a revenge scheme.

On the other, he did this to expose supposed corruption within the LAPD. I’m not one of the stereotypical black men who hates the police because of real or assumed persecution, as I’ve yet to experience anything of the sort but knowing how Dorner died, immolated in a cabin, I can’t help but think that maybe he was right. I can’t condone his methods, but I understand the cause.

So I’m conflicted. I’m not going to even try to excuse the murders Dorner may have committed but he railed against a system that apparently screwed him over and may have ruined his life. I don’t know if I buy the “it wasn’t our intention to set the cabin on fire” line but I’m not donning a tinfoil hat just yet. I know full well that crooked cops and corruption both exist, but I’d like to think our men in women in blue are truly on our side.

Now that the smoke has finally settled, we have just one question to ask ourselves.

So now what?

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