So…My Degree Finally Arrived

I am a Bachelor of Arts in English and finally, after many delays and years of study, the most expensive piece of paper I’ve ever bought has arrived on my door step.

P1050258I have to say, now that I actually have it in writing, I feel…rather proud.


Sure does look nice in a frame. No doubt about that.

Okay, that’s it. Back to your regularly scheduled…whatever you’re doing.

About Justin McBride

My name is Justin McBride and I’m a guy who enjoys writing, playing games and writing about playing games. Sound lame enough yet? Well, I have other interests as well such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, going to the movies from time to time, surfing the internet, listen to good music, drive at speeds I shouldn’t be driving at and so on. The problem is, that’s all stuff everyone likes to do, so why write about it? Oh wait, seems I just did. Oops.

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