Justin McBride

My name is Justin McBride and I’m a guy who enjoys writing, playing games and writing about playing games. Sound lame enough yet? Well, I have other interests as well such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, going to the movies from time to time, surfing the internet, listen to good music, drive at speeds I shouldn’t be driving at and so on. The problem is, that’s all stuff everyone likes to do, so why write about it? Oh wait, seems I just did. Oops.

I Bought an iPod Touch

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been somewhat of a Zune fanboy. I certainly had my reasons. My first MP3 player was a 20 GB iPod that I loved for about a year, until the hard drive was somehow corrupted and it stopped working. After several unsuccessful attempts to …

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My Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Day Two

Remember how I closed my last blog post? How I said I was going to try to get a good night’s sleep? Yeah…that didn’t happen. At 3:30 AM, I woke up to intense, throbbing pain in my jaw. Seemed the painkillers had worn off in the wee hours of the …

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My Wisdom Teeth Extraction: Day One

So…I had my wisdom teeth removed earlier today. This is something I’d been dreading for years, ever since they came in. Having heard a bunch of nasty stories of impacted wisdom teeth, which essentially entails your wisdom teeth not coming in properly, or not even exiting the gum line at …

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The Art of Creating a Vigilante

Hmm…I’m having a sort of dilemma in my writing. First, a little back story to get you up to speed on what this post is about. I’m in the process of writing a book from scratch. I’m also in the process of rewriting a book I started back in the …

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Race Pro Impressions

Two days ago, I picked up Race Pro, a game I’ve been highly anticipating since its announcement in the form of an Xbox 360 version of the PC racing sim, GTR 2. This title hails from Simbin, a developer that has been heralded as one of the best in the …

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