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Still Alive

It’s been a while. Over a year in fact. But I’m still here. Still watching. Just can’t seem to get myself to write anything. Except this. Just a short little blurb to let anyone who cares know that I’m still alive. That’s all. Until next time.

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Thermaltake Isurus Review

Gaming headsets are, to use an old cliché, a dime a dozen these days and finding one to suit your needs is a simple task. But, in an effort to provide consumers with yet another choice in the already crowded field. This headset, however, is a bit different from the …

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Fiio E9 Unboxing

Recently, I received a review sample of the Fiio E9 desktop headphone amplifier and, since I haven’t done one of these in a while, decided to record a short unboxing video. Listening impressions and a full review are coming soon so in the meantime, enjoy this video!

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In With the New…

I’m sure by now that all of you who have visited this domain in the past have noticed the new look for The Mind of Game. Well, this has been a long time coming, but I’ve moved off of WordPress.com and on to my own server, hosted by BlueHost.com and …

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