Pebble Smartwatch First Impressions

After many months of waiting, fraught with missed shipment dates and a relative lack of communication, the Pebble smartwatch I pledged for back in April is finally in my hands, or, rather, upon my wrist. This has been a long time coming, but the dream has finally been realized, at …

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Nexus 7 Review

Introduction The fact that I like Android has certainly not been a closely kept secret. As an operating system, it’s functional, highly customizable and an all-around great smartphone and tablet OS. I’ve owned a couple of Android tablets over the years, namely the HP Touchpad, Viewsonic G-Tablet and Amazon Kindle …

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Rocking the iPhone Naked

Ever since the first day I got my iPhone, I’ve wanted to keep it protected. Of course, that meant getting it a nice shell for it to reside in. And I did. The Acase Superleggera two piece silicone and polycarbonate case has been great during its six month or so run in keeping my iPhone protected and free from damage. It’s an excellent case that I’d recommend to anyone who’s in the market for an iPhone case and doesn’t plan on using it with a dock. Now, I want to live a little dangerously. Time to start living life on the edge, as they say.

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