Story in a Blog Chapter 3 Posted

Story in a Blog Chapter 3

I figured I’d also give you a bit of writer’s commentary as well to go alongside this entry…But be sure you read the chapter first!

Well, I’m getting back to my traditional dialogue-heavy writing style with this entry. Since I was a youngster, I’ve always relied on a character’s conversations and dialogue to tell a story more than simple narrations. The first two chapters I guess you could say were a bit of an experiment, a way for me to flex my narrative muscles more than I usually would, if you will.

Now, with Cynthia, I wanted to introduce her with a bit of a bang, as I have a feeling that she will become a very important character in future chapters. While I never planned on adding her in from the start, the second I used the “ex-girlfriend” line in chapter two, I just knew I had to add her in. I hope the ending threw you for as big of a loop reading it as it did for me while I was writing it. It gives me a nice little twist to work with in the next chapter. So stay tuned!

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