Dead Space Community Invitational This Week

This Tuesday, I’ll be catching a flight to sunny California once again to visit EA, this time to preview one of their more controversial titles. You may have heard of it, what with its disturbing use of lullabies, genuinely unnerving atmosphere and copious dismemberment and inevitable death that await you, should you fall victim to the hostile alien race that lurks in the darkness. This new, survival-horror title is named Dead Space.

There isn’t much to discuss other than the fact that this will be my second trip out to EA and that I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to go again. This event will be larger than the last one, as EA seems to be pulling out all the stops to make sure as many gaming outlets as possible have the opportunity to cover Dead Space and write (hopefully) positive previews to garner attention for their new IP. As such, there will be around 30 members of the gaming press in attendance from almost as many sites, including myself of course. There will be roundtable discussions, one on one interviews and of course, the all-important gameplay sessions.

I was planning on watching every trailer, reading every article and listening to every podcast/developer diary I could find prior to going to the event, but ultimately decided against it. Knowing too much about the game before even getting to play it would put a bit of damper on the experience. I want my mind to be fresh, uninitiated, and ready to be blown away.

So that’s it for now. I’ll have much more to report once I’ve actually seen/played/drooled over the game. Yes I’m quite optimistic about how I will react to Dead Space once I’ve played it. What little I have seen concerning the game looks to be pretty good and I’m quite interested to see how it plays out. Hopefully, I’ll come away from this experience impressed and ready to check out the full release on day one.

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