I Insulted the “Cult of Jobs” and All I Got Was This Lousy Suspension

The title says it all, folks. Well, almost all of it. First, some background information is required to get you up to speed. Yesterday, I was browsing the gadget blog Gizmodo as I usually do on a daily basis when I came across a post about Oprah’s favorite iPad apps. Eye rolling ensued. So, I decided to vocalize my annoyance by posting the following comment…

…How is this news again?

Wait…someone praised an Apple product. Must have forgotten what site I was on…

I came back a couple of hours later to find that my account had been suspended for one week by the author of the post I commented on. I was momentarily surprised by this but then I realized that this wasn’t entirely unexpected. After all, I insulted the Cult of Mac and such knee-jerk reactions are to be expected.

Perhaps my comment was a bit…inflammatory and I’m not writing this to ask that my suspension be revoked or overturned (I don’t comment enough on Gizmodo or other Gawker Media sites to consider it much of a punishment) but I’m also not going to sugarcoat my opinions. Perhaps I should’ve worded my comment differently to avoid sounding like a troll but what would’ve been the point? As it would seem, the average person on the internet has the attention span of a 10 year old hopped up on pixie sticks so I tend to keep my comments pithy. But even if I had worded it differently, would it have made a difference?

Gizmodo is a site that I’ve long been a fan of but lately, what they consider to be newsworthy is questionable, at best. Every third post on the site seems to be something Apple related. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me but here’s where it gets annoying. These “news” posts are hardly anything other than glorified ads. I don’t care that someone has made a nice wooden tray for the iMac’s wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad. I don’t need to know that someone has made a Mario themed iPad case. I could do without knowing that someone has made an Iron Man themed decal for the Macbook Pro (even if it is kinda cool). Maybe I’m missing something here but I fail to see how this qualifies as news. When I come to a gadget site, I want to see news about gadgets, not article after article about Steve Jobs’ newest turtleneck or the latest iPod accessory.

It’s a real shame because I really like Gizmodo. Their reviews (about anything other than Apple products) are typically unconventional (which I like) and still highly informative and interesting to read. Their editorials and featured articles are usually something really special and are poignant and insightful but when I have to wade through constant Apple fanboyism manifested in the form of news articles to get to them, it really makes me think, what’s the point?

Oh well. I guess I’ll be heading to Engadget to get my gadget news. At least there, there’s not an overarching sense of pro-Apple bias hanging over the site. I like Engadget’s no-bullshit approach to delivering gadget news and I like to counterbalance that with Gizmodo’s more personal touch but, I guess I’ll have to find some other way to balance things out. TechCrunch and Boy Genius Report seem like pretty good sites. I’ll have to look into them. As for Gizmodo, I imagine I’ll still go there from time to time to check out the gadget deals of the day and to see if there are any decent editorials to read but my readership will definitely be much lower than it has before. This doesn’t mean I’ll be boycotting (if you can even call it that) Gawker Media as a whole. The guys at Kotaku and Jalopnik? You’re awesome. Keep being awesome. Hell, I still like most of the writers over at Gizmodo, just not the obvious Apple faithfuls among them.

This suspension was, in many ways, the wakeup call I needed; the proof that not liking Apple and going to Gizmodo is like being anorexic and going to Old Country Buffet. You can tolerate it for a while but eventually, you’re just going to end up puking.

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