Short Story Update

I’ve written a few short stories recently, which I have posted on the Creative Writing page, linked above and here, for reference. Anyway, here are the stories I mentioned. As previously mentioned, these can all be found on the Creative Writing section of the site and that is where all my short stories or other works will be posted. With that bit of explanation out of the way, to the stories!

The Girl on my Left

“There she was again. As I looked to my left, she was sitting there cross-legged, playing with her phone. Her eyes fixed on the screen as she gently swipes her finger across it and the phone willingly bends to her will. Her light-brown skin was as radiant as ever but, then again, when wasn’t she radiant?”

Mr. Perfect

“Hmm…your life does indeed flash before your eyes as you’re about to die…

My car careened off of the freeway overpass and began its descent down into the icy waters below. I was to die of exposure or by drowning that night, whichever came first. It didn’t matter. My desire was to meet my end and I had no preference about how I went about it. As I plummeted towards the water, I thought once again about my numerous reasons for taking this drastic course of action.

I don’t regret my decision for even a second.”


“My eyelids were heavy as Sleep once again beckoned me into her outstretched arms, smiling seductively at me, making her invitation seem appealing. I stared at her motionlessly, entranced by her. She was dressed in a long, lavish black dress which wrapped elegantly around her perfectly sculptured body, embracing her curves as naturally as if it were a mere extension of her alabaster skin.”


“There we were, my best friend and I, running out of the back of a bank we’d just knocked over into a cold, dank, rain-soaked alleyway. The alarms were sounding behind us but we had a foolproof plan. By the time anyone responded, it would be far too late to catch us.

Our getaway driver, a mutual friend whom I’d long had suppressed affections for was parked nearby in a stolen Mercedes, the perfect getaway car. Clad in garnet red paint and sitting on 21-inch rims, it was ostentatious in design but that was just another part of its inherent genius. The police would never expect us to escape in something like this. Plus, we’d be long gone before they ever got here.”

About Justin McBride

My name is Justin McBride and I’m a guy who enjoys writing, playing games and writing about playing games. Sound lame enough yet? Well, I have other interests as well such as hanging out with friends, watching TV, going to the movies from time to time, surfing the internet, listen to good music, drive at speeds I shouldn’t be driving at and so on. The problem is, that’s all stuff everyone likes to do, so why write about it? Oh wait, seems I just did. Oops.

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