Check Out my Friend Daniel Rumbell’s Book, Writer of the World!

A friend of mine by the name of Daniel Rumbell just published his first book on the Kindle Store. Now normally, I don’t like to shill for people. But because Dan’s a cool guy and I like him, I’m going to give him a shout-out on this here blog. Plus, he’s a fellow writer and even though he doesn’t believe in this newfangled social media, I’m sure he’d do the same for me (and boy am I going to hold him to that). His book, The Writer of the World is available for the low price of just a buck which, come on, you know you have laying around.

So, do me a favor and show some support for an indie, self-published author and check out The Writer of the World. I have an “advance copy” that  he gave me a while back that I’ve been reading (and yes, I bought the real deal on Amazon too, just like I’m asking you guys to do) and I’m enjoying it. The guy’s got some serious writing talent. But enough of what I think, you guys go get yourselves a copy and tell me what you think!

The Writer of the World, By Daniel Rumbell

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