Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Impressions

If you grew up in the nineties, like I did, you might remember the whole “virtual pet” fad that swept the nation, sparked by the “Tamagotchi”, a Japanese brand of virtual pet that was arguably the best and likely the most popular of them all. Everyone wanted one. I got …

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Quick Take – Monoprice MEP-933

$7 giant killers? Never thought I’d see the day when a pair of earphones selling for less than $10 would be able to compete with earphones in the $50 - $100 range but the Monoprice MEP- 933 does. After reading about them on Head-Fi, I was overcome by curiosity, as I often am, and purchased a pair, purely based on the massive hype these things received.

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Waka Flocka Flame – Flockaveli Quick Take

I’ve been putting this off for a long, long time but I guess eventually, something has to give. It always does. I guess I was just in denial. I didn’t want to admit to myself or anyone else that I…I…I can’t even bring myself to type it. But, assuming you can see the title (and can read) you’ve already put two and two together. Damn my inability to avoid betraying my intentions! So, here goes… I actually like Flockaveli. Ouch. That literally hurt to type.

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