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Thermaltake Isurus Review

Gaming headsets are, to use an old cliché, a dime a dozen these days and finding one to suit your needs is a simple task. But, in an effort to provide consumers with yet another choice in the already crowded field. This headset, however, is a bit different from the …

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HiFiMan RE242 Review

Introduction First, I’d like to thank the folks at HiFiMan for providing a sample to review. No doubt, I’ve been a fan of HiFiMan’s products for about a year and a half now ever since buying a pair of RE0s early last year. I’ve tested a number of their products …

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Woodees Sport and Woodees Blues Review

Introduction Before I begin, I’d like to thank the folks at Woodees for sending me samples for review. Up for review today are two IEMs from Woodees, a company, if you’ll remember, I’ve done a review for in the past. I have here two new IEMs from Woodees that have …

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