Story in a Blog Chapter 2

Some people say miracles happen when you need them most. I’ve always thought that kind of talk was bullshit.

I may consider changing my policy on that after tonight…

As I clutched my pistol firmly in hand, kissing my ass goodbye, one of the enforcers in front of me let out a sudden scream of pain as his head was pierced by a bullet from afar. A bullet that obviously did not come from my gun. He fell to the ground, motionless. For a fraction of a second, no one moved as we stared at the guy, whose brains were now leaking into the street.

In the remainder of that very second, I remembered where I was and figured I could take advantage of the confusion and took a shot at the guy to my right, taking him down in short order. I spun around, only to see another enforcer drop the ground before me with another bullet wound to the head.

The final enforcer seemed to have recovered from the initial shock of seeing his buddy go down before his very eyes, as his gun was raised to the ready. I dove instinctively to my right and fired, almost simultaneously with the man before me. Seems my little dodge was the smart thing to do…sort of. I hit the ground hard, favoring my left arm, which had been grazed by my would-be assassin’s bullet.

I jumped to my feet, pain radiating from my wound, and walked over to the enforcer I cut down by a surprisingly accurate shot to the head from my Beretta.

I was alive and relatively unscathed. My attention turned to the skies, scanning the surrounding rooftops for my rifle-wielding guardian angel. My eyes landed on a dark figure, silhouetted against the moon, a figure whose long hair was caught in a sudden gust of wind and billowed out to its side.

“A woman?” I thought suddenly. “There’s no freaking way a woman could’ve…No. That’s just me being sexist again. I guess my ex-girlfriend was right.”

The dark figure subsequently vanished from the rooftop. Considering the situation, with four bodies littering the ground around me, bullets from my gun being in two of them, I figured I should get the hell out of here as soon as possible. The cops would soon arrive and I’ve never had the best reputation with them. I quickly darted into the parking garage, my left arm still bleeding and stinging like nobody’s business. I’d probably need medical attention. Taking the situation into consideration once more, I realized that hospitals weren’t an option.

I proceeded to my car at a steady gait, finding it untouched, as I’d hoped. Idiots. If the people chasing me had any brains at all, they would’ve at least slashed the tires or something. I opened the door to my car, wondering why I was cursing my sudden stroke of good luck.

The engine roared to life as I turned the key in the ignition, settling to a gentle purr before I sped out of the parking garage and into the street. My mind raced as I drove down the road to nowhere, thinking about the mess I’d gotten myself into and how I would get out of it.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard the wailing of police sirens before me. My heart skipped a beat and I grew tense as I saw two sets of red and blue flashing lights on the horizon.

“Had I been seen?” I thought frantically. “There’s no way I could’ve been identified that quickly!”

I continued on my way, feeling a lump in the pit of my stomach, both hands firmly grasping the wheel, eyes pointed forward, my behavior and body language practically screaming “Arrest me!”

Something miraculous happened once again. I wasn’t arrested. The two squad cars passed by me, their sirens fading into the night behind me without incident. I let out a sigh of relief and returned to being troubled by my other problems. I knew I’d need help if I wanted to get out of this and I knew just the person to help me out.

I took the first exit from the road to nowhere and proceeded down the road to salvation, or at least what I hoped was the road to salvation. In the dead of night, I navigated my car with certainty and was lead to an old acquaintance’s house. I parked alongside their home and walked up to the door, knocking hard on it and waiting.

“Who in the hell…” I heard someone say from inside.

The sound of the door being unlocked was oddly soothing, much of my tension suddenly releasing. As the final lock was thrown, the door opened and the person I had come to see greeted me.